The Columbans in Britain are excited to once again be recruiting young adult volunteers to embark on a year of personal development and growth as part of their unique Faith in Action Volunteer programme.

Columban Faith in Action Advert 2024-25
Columban Faith in Action Advert 2024-25

The Columban Faith in Action Volunteer programme offers young people a tailored opportunity to get engaged with real issues today, to grow as Christians and to mature in their faith. The volunteers will be offered a wide range of training on a number of different topics such as intercultural and interfaith issues, interreligious dialogue as well as on migration, justice, peace and care for creation. This might be through lectures, conferences, workshops or through podcasts, visits and encounter. The young people will take time to investigate and reflect on how they connect their faith to these different topics.

Co-ordinating this programme is Mauricio Silva, Columban Interreligious Dialogue Coordinator who explains, “Over the course of the year, the volunteers will spend time with local projects designed to support refugees and asylum seekers. They will accompany James into schools and help to facilitate exciting eco retreats and lead engaging education activities for students and educators. There are many opportunities for reflection and faith formation; this is paramount. Together we explore what these experiences mean for the volunteer and how such issues impact their lives.”

James Trewby, Columban JPE Coordinator also co-coordinates the programme. He adds, “I have found it wonderfully encouraging and refreshing to have young people accompany us. There’s so much we can learn from them and with them! The volunteer programmes offers a unique opportunity for young people to get involved with collaboration with other organisations, both locally and nationally and to network, acquiring some great contacts for the future. Previous volunteers have gone on to have some exciting and varied careers, one is involved with campaigning for the climate, another works with refugees.”

Over the course of the programme, which commences in September 2024, the volunteers will be based in Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city with the youngest urban population in Europe and one of the most liveliest and diverse regions.

The programme, which celebrates is tenth year this year, will begin with a period of induction and training during which there will be an opportunity to explore a variety of areas that the volunteers will engage with. The successful candidates will contribute to the development of Columban Mission in Britain by engaging in local projects which offer support to refugees and asylum seekers as well as programmes which promote good relations between people of differing cultures and faiths. They will engage in activities to help young people and educators explore the relationship between faith and action for justice and peace, working in schools, parishes and community groups.

The ideal candidates will have a sense of faith and belonging to the Christian community and be willing to reflect on their faith and its meaning. They will have a proven ability to relate to a wide variety of people and engage with different worldviews whilst immersing themselves within the lives of disadvantaged people. In addition to this they will have experience of working with church groups and a passion for working with young people and engaging them in educational activities.

Faith in Action volunteer Juliette Bone who participated in the 2021-22 programme explains, “Based around justice, peace, care for creation and inter-religious dialogue, this year has it all! From practical social and campaign skills to knowledge on the asylum process, inter-religious dialogue and the environment, the year is jam-packed with opportunities to help you discover your own path and what you’re really passionate about.” She adds, “Whether you are looking for specific experiences or want to build on skills you already have in a diverse context there’s something for everyone.”

For the duration of the programme the Columbans will provide the volunteers with finance to support accommodation in Birmingham, local transport and basic maintenance allowances.

The closing date for applications is Monday 10th June 2024 and interviews will likely be held on Friday 21st June 2024.

Should you have any further questions or queries, or wish to speak to a previous volunteer, please email

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