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The 'Far East' is the official magazine of the Columban Missionaries in Britain. You are invited to participate in Columban mission by receiving the Far East magazine and sharing it with family and friends within your community.


The ‘Far East’ provides insight into the mission work of Columbans around the world and gives readers a deeper awareness of our shared call through baptism to be God’s missionaries. The ‘Far East’ will help you better understand other cultures and religions and the effects global economics and environmental degradation have on poor and marginalised communities around the world.

Often the stories are tragic tales of our failed human condition; the poverty, exploitation and inhumanity that mars our earthly existence. Yet, in the midst of despair, Columban missionaries live in solidarity with ordinary people and, together, they move forward to improve their social, economic and spiritual lives, always with Jesus Christ as their guide.

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“I grew up reading my parent’s copy of the Far East and I am now a subscriber of the magazine myself! I enjoy learning more about various Columban Mission programmes around the world and seeing how donations made to the Columbans are being used to support those less fortunate than ourselves.”

Philip, Bristol

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