Emma Darling

Communications Officer

Emma Darling was born and raised in the North West of England, the eldest of three children. She studied at the University of Leeds and graduated in 2011 with a BSc Hons degree in Medicinal Chemistry. From here she pursued her interest in travel, and worked as a Chalet Host in the French Apls over the winter of 2011 where she also learnt to ski! Following this she, and her now husband, further travelled the world, visiting USA, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. Emma enjoyed learning more about the history of the places she travelled and the different cultures, faiths and backgrounds of the people she was fortunate to meet. Having enjoyed her visit to Western Australia, Emma spent a year in Perth, where she began her career in science working as a Laboratory Technician.

Emma returned to Britain in 2013 and moved to Worcestershire. In 2016, unfulfilled in her various roles in the science industry, she took a leap of faith and began working for a local marketing agency, supporting Worcestershire businesses with their day to day marketing, PR, social media and event planning. Emma is very creative and enjoyed thinking outside the box when it came to planning successful marketing campaigns and strategies. She enjoyed writing creatively for websites, blog posts and news pieces.

Emma married in the summer of 2017 in her local parish, The Church of the Sacred Heart and St. Catherine of Alexandria in Droitwich Spa, renowned for its beautiful mosaics portraying major religious themes, stories and holy figures designed by Gabriel Pippet, who took inspiration from mosaic decoration in Italy. She began renovating her home in Droitwich shortly after and in 2019, her and her husband welcomed in to the world, their daughter Polly.

Having been made redundant, Emma saw an advert in her local parish bulletin for the position of Communications Officer for the Columbans in Britain, based from their HQ in Solihull. Emma began this role in February 2020 and works part – time for the society. She is responsible for the communicating the fantastic work being done both in the region, and by Columban Missionaries around the world. Emma thoroughly enjoys her role with the Columbans and is pleased to be supporting the many tremendous Columban initiatives set up to protect creation as well as to help the poor the marginalised and the vulnerable.

Emma cares about her community and enjoys volunteering for Contact the Elderly. This national charity is dedicated to tackling loneliness and social isolation amongst older people throughout the UK by providing monthly afternoon gatherings and tea parties. Emma has developed strong friendships between many of the group’s participants and regularly shops for, and delivers food to one older lady who, unsteady on her feet, can no longer visit the supermarket.

Passionate about inclusion and empowered to assist others has seen Emma visit Lourdes, France where she supported the elderly and infirm members of her then, home parish, on their annual pilgrimage. In addition to this, some years ago, whilst at university, Emma joined a group of likeminded individuals on a visit to western Romania to take part in summer camp where she helped care for orphaned children. The experience was extremely challenging but very worthwhile. Emma’s biggest achievement is being chosen to represent her childhood parish in a procession onto the main stage in Hyde Park at Pope Benedict’s Hyde Park Vigil during his visit to England in September 2010.

In her spare time Emma likes to exercise and is kept busy with her toddler and black Labrador. Besides walking in the countryside, she likes to cook and bake for her family, and enjoys various different arts and crafts. Most recently she has been making colourful rainbow decorations to send to family and friends during the Covid lockdown.

Emma can be contacted on communications@columbans.co.uk.