This is a Jesus society

by Guest Contributor

The Lay Missionaries in Britain recently attended a webinar endorsed by CLMCLT entitled 'Intercultural Living - The What and Why'. The webinar explained how we must be challenged to think and act differently as a community of believers at this present time and to work towards an intercultural living community which is not easy, but is possible.

Co-ordinator of Columban Lay Missionaries in Britain, Gertrudes Samson, was deeply struck by the Opening Prayer and she wished to share this with supporters.

This is a Jesus society

Jesus says that in his society there is a new way for people to live:
you show wisdom, by trusting people;
you handle leadership, by serving;
you handle offenders, by forgiving;
you handle money, by sharing'
you handle authority, by gentle firmness;
you handle enemies, by loving;
and you handle violence, by suffering.

In fact, you have a new attitude toward everything, toward everybody.
Toward nature, toward the state in which you happen to live,
toward women, toward refugees, asylum seekers, marginalized and homeless people:
toward all and every single thing.
Because this is a Jesus society,
and you repent, not by feeling bad,
but by thinking, and acting, differently.

Rudy Wiebe, The Blue Mountains of China

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