Prayer for Mission Month

by Fr. Bernard McDermott

Columban Fr. Bernie McDermott who is based in Solihull provides a prayer for Mission Month. We are invited to pray this at home throughout the month of October during which we are encouraged to bear witness to the Gospel.

Prayer for Mission Month

Lord of all creation, we are reminded in this month of October of your call to your followers, that, through our baptism we have been made sharers in the mission of the Church to “go and make disciples of all nations”.

Through different times in human history you have invited us to share in the task of transforming our world so that people of all nations and cultures may have the opportunity of experiencing the saving love and mercy of your Son Jesus Christ.

The world of today is torn by division, conflict and mistrust and the planet on which we depend for our survival is threatened with extinction through greed and ignorance of the consequences of not preserving the gift of creation which you have bequeathed to humankind.

Empower us through the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be courageous and zealous in bearing witness to the Gospel. Grant to leaders of different nations a listening ear, to hear the cries of the poor and afflicted in their midst, that people everywhere may share in the riches of your creation and  become partakers in the task of making all things new in the name of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever.


Fr. Bernie McDermott