A prayer for Refugee Week 2024

by Guest Contributor

This Refugee Week 2024, we are called to reflect on the powerful theme of 'Our Home.' For refugees, the journey to find a new home can often be fraught with challenges and danger. Our faith teaches us to welcome the stranger and provide refuge to those in need, reflecting the compassion and hospitality of Christ.

A prayer for Refugee Week 2024

Compassionate Creator,

As we gather in unity for Refugee Week, we reflect on the theme of 'Our Home'. We give thanks for the places where we share meals and sleep safely. We remember those whose homes have been lost or shattered by conflict, persecution, and hardship.

Grant us the wisdom to welcome all who seek sanctuary, transforming our communities into havens of safety and belonging. Let our homes be places of compassion and understanding, where every individual finds dignity and hope.

We pray for strength and resilience for refugees worldwide. May they find new homes filled with kindness, opportunity, and peace. Guide us to be their steadfast supporters, embodying the true spirit of humanity.

In the warmth of our shared home, may we all find comfort, unity, and the courage to stand together.


Columban Missionaries in Britain

“To me, a home is where you feel loved, safe, and cherished.”

Malala Yousafzai

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