Download prayers of intercession for the 11th Sunday of the year

Fr. Berny McDermott has kindly prepared intercessions for the 11th Sunday of the year.

CELEBRANT: We  bring our prayers before the Lord confident that he always hears the pleas of his people.

READER:  Long ago you brought your people out of slavery to freedom: hear the cries of your people today who are held in bondage of oppression, persecution and war. We especially remember the people of Gaza and Ukraine who continue to suffer unjustly from oppressive regimes. Lord Hear us ….

READER: Faithful God, in the waters of the flood you washed away the wickedness of the world and brought the world to  a new beginning. We pray for an end to exploitation, corruption and oppression which blights the world of today.  We  pray for new of harmony and peace among nations. Deliver us O Lord from pursuit of privilege, power and in your mercy. Lord Hear us….

READER: Faithful God, in the waters of the Jordan was baptised and named as your beloved Son. We pray for all who are dear to us, for those with whom we live and work; for those from whom we learn and for those whose love and care sustains our lives. Lord Hear us…

READER: Faithful God, our young people are the future of our Church. Grant them courage and faith to sustain and encourage them on their faith journey. Many of them are waiting anxiously for examination results. Grant them courage and hope for their future in our confused world. Lord Hear us…

READER: Faithful God, in your presence you prepare a place for those who love you : and you offer your people the gift of everlasting life. We remember your servants of every age, those whom we love and those from our own community who have gone before us. Deliver us o Lord from all that would keep us apart from you, that with your saints and all the hosts of heaven, we may come into the joy of your eternal presence. Lord Hear us…

Hail Mary…

CELEBRANT: These our prayers Lord we bring to you in a spirit of faith and ask yo to grant them through Christ Our Lord.


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Let us pray