Columbans support upcoming Faith Guiding Course 2021

Mauricio Silva, Columban Interreligious Dialogue Co-ordinator in Britain is pleased to have been asked to co-ordinate this year’s Faith Guiding course hosted by the Faith Encounter Programme (FEP).

The course, which will be delivered across six weekly sessions beginning 25th May 2021 is designed to train guides of all faiths throughout the Midlands, to receive visitors at their place of worship with confidence and openness.

Because of the latest covid restrictions, the sessions will be delivered by a team of dedicated faith tutors and guest speakers online via Zoom. Besides understanding more about one’s own faith, course participants will learn about other faiths and interfaith relations as well as acquiring guiding skills to allow them to present their own faith to other people. Over the six sessions, each of which will be run from 18:30 – 20:45PM, there will be opportunities for virtual interaction and discussion besides learning and reflection.

Promoting ‘life-giving’ relationships among people of different faiths and cultures is a priority of Columban mission in Britain today. Mauricio and his team are dedicated to collaborating with other faith inspired organisations and supporting programmes such as this that raise awareness of interfaith relationships and promote inclusion. Two of our Columban Lay Missionaries, Teresa Chuah Hui-Ling and Sophia Ting will be attending the course and hope to learn more about other local faiths in the area and their religious traditions.

The course will begin on Tuesday May 25th and run every week for six weeks, the final session being Tuesday June 29th. There is a subsidised cost of £25 to attend.

The Faith Encounter Programme is an independent initiative set up to promote religious harmony and social cohesion for the benefit of the public.

To register your interest in the course or to find out more, please email:

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Find out more about Mauricio and his previous collaboration with other faith-based organisations in and around Birmingham.

Mauricio Silva