James supports Million Minutes by falling siLENT

In support of Million Minutes and their ‘Stay SiLENT: It’s time for young people’ campaign this year, Columban Justice and Peace Education Worker James Trewby has pledged to stay silent for the whole day on Friday 19th February 2021!

Passionate about young people, and concerned about how Covid19 will likely affect them, James is fundraising for Million Minutes, by falling silent for a whole 24 hours this Lent. He is asking people to sponsor him, with all monies going directly to Million Minutes grant funded social action projects.

This Lent, to mark ten years of Million Minutes, the charity is hoping to create a staggering 1,000,000 minutes of silence as an act of solidarity with young people. Each minute is sponsored and the charity believe creating a ‘deafening noise of silence’ will give an opportunity for reflecting on, and praying for, young people whilst raising money for youth led social action projects that support young people to be the change they want to see in our world.

James explains, “In my role as Justice and Peace Education Worker, I regularly work young people who have passion and energy for change. Young people’s voices often aren’t heard and it’s unfair. We must do something to change this.” He adds, “Million Minutes are a great organisation doing some really important things – and one the Columbans often collaborate with, for example on the ‘Celebrating Young People Awards’. I’m always happy to partner with Million Minutes but this will be a challenge, staying silent with young children in the house!”

Million Minutes supports young people to transform their lives. Through youth action and advocacy, they work to ensure young people contribute to building a world based on the heart of Catholic social teaching, the principals of dignity and equality, of service to the poor and oppressed, of care for the world and the promotion of peace and solidarity. The Columbans are proud supporters of Million Minutes. With a shared vision for recognising and celebrating young people and their talents, the Columbans hope to empower more young people to ‘be the change’ and to have courage to be prophets of hope to restore our world.

James has given himself the target of raising £300 for Million Minutes. If you’re willing and able to make a donation, you can do so quickly and easily here.

To find out more about Million Minutes and their siLENT campaign this year please visit: https://millionminutes.org. View the stories of the inspiring young people Million Minutes has been able to support in 2020 – 21 here.

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