November Prayers – those who journeyed with us

In November, we honour the memory of all members of the worldwide Columban community who passed away this year, including our generous benefactors, their loved ones and friends. We express gratitude for their lives and the kindness they showed to others.

The Columban Chapel in Solihull
The Columban Chapel in Solihull

Please join us in praying for the following Columban missionaries who have been called by God to their heavenly resting place between 1st October 2022 and 30th September 2023.

  • Fr. Donal Bennett
  • Fr. Jim Mulroney
  • Fr. Charlie Meagher
  • Fr. Des Morrison
  • Fr. David Arms
  • Fr. John Smyth
  • Fr. Michael Irwin
  • Fr. Austin McGuinness
  • Sr. Maureen Grant
  • Fr. Michael Doohan
  • Sr. Ruth Duckert
  • Sr. Stephanie King
  • Fr. Jerry Cotter
  • Fr. Tommy Murphy
  • Fr. Cyril Murphy
  • Fr. Brendan Hoban
  • Fr. Parig Digan
  • Fr. Bernard Cleary
  • Fr. Michael O’Farrell
  • Fr. Paul Carey
  • Sr. Bridie Lough

It is at this time of the year when we celebrate the memory of our patron, as the Feast of St. Columban falls on 23rd November. It is due to his inspiration and prayers that we are able to cross boundaries of nations and cultures. The combination of Holy Souls and Columban identity was at the forefront of my thoughts during a recent visit to our mission in the Philippines, including our “flagship” parish of Malate in the city of Manila.

Malate was the first parish we accepted on arriving in the country in 1929. It grew rapidly in those first years, and our work flourished until Manila fell to the Japanese in 1942.

In the face of adversity, our priests and lay helpers redirected their efforts. They converted the parish school into a hospital and set up a clandestine relief effort to help Allied internees in the nearby P.O.W. camp. Three years later, as U.S. troops approached Manila, the Japanese took their revenge.

On 10th February 1945, four Columban priests – Frs. Patrick Kelly, John Henaghan, Joe Monaghan and Peter Fallon – and all their lay helpers were arrested and executed. Another priest, Fr. John Lalor, escaped the round-up, but met a tragic end when he was killed by an American shell three days later.

So, it is not only the example of St. Columban which inspires us, but also the Christ-like sacrifices of Columbans such as the “Martyrs of Malate”. The Columban Missionaries of today are aided by their intercessions. I pray that they may also intercede for you and your happiness, and for your departed loved ones remembered during November.

You too will have known or heard of ‘martyrs’ and ‘saints’ among your relatives and friends who inspire you. See below for how you can send us their names and they will be placed before the altar in the chapel of St Columban in Solihull, West Midlands for special remembrance in our daily prayers and Masses.

Lord, be good to them and show them all your love!

We pray for your departed loved ones

Join in our collective prayer for the 'saints' and 'martyrs' who journey with us. Click to send us the names of your departed relatives and friends.

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