‘Gracias’ from the ‘kitchens in the sky’

A huge thank you to our supporters who gave so generously to our recent Far East appeal in which we asked for donations to the kitchens being run by Sr. Isabel and her dedicated team. By providing regular meals, they are a lifeline for many hungry shanty-town families in Covid ravaged Peru.

Thank you Columban family

Sr. Isabel, a Carmelite nun from Spain, backed by her congregation, the parish and supporters such as the Columbans, is helping to feed mountain-top shanty-town dwellers outside Lima in Peru. Details of this project were recently published in our Columban Far East magazine and we had a huge response to the appeal asking for donations.

Sr. Isabel and her team of volunteers were blown away by the response and kindly recorded some thank you messages from members of the Parish which have been translated by Lay Missionary Nathalie Marytsch who is fluent in Spanish.

“My names is Norma Diaz. I am from the soup kitchen. I’d like to thank the Columban family and the supporters for their help during the Pandemic. Covid hit us hard, especially as you have been able to see through the videos how we live and the needs of our families.  Thanks to your help we have been able to feed more than a hundred people. We are truly grateful for your help; thanks to your support we have been able to provide food to each family, each child, each adult. Many thanks.” 


“We are here at one of the soup kitchens and are very grateful to the Columban family. You have helped us during the Pandemic, which hit Peru really hard.  Thanks to your help, together with another 120 families, people we have been fed. We didn’t have anything to eat before.”


“We are grateful for your help. Some are single mothers and other are elderly women. We have graciously received your support.” 

Before returning to the region of Britain, to take up the position of Regional Director, Fr. John Boles met Isabel and was invited to take a look around the project. He explains “When I visited, there were three kitchens in operation, providing a total of 270 meals each day, a veritable lifeline for families that otherwise would have struggled to survive. Nevertheless, as Isabel herself admits, this is only the start. This scheme will need to expand in the future. Even if the pandemic were to disappear tomorrow, which it won’t, Peru’s economic woes will continue, migration up the hills will continue.”


thank you poster
thank you

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Read Fr. John Boles' article 'Kitchens in the sky' which was published in the May/June 2022 issue of the Far East magazine and which provides more detail about the kitchens and how they came to be established.

'Kitchens in the sky'