Vigil and Fast: Beyond Fossil Fuels Together

Columbans recently took part in a prayer and fasting vigil organised by Beyond Fossil Fuels Together, a group dedicated to putting pressure on the UK government to end dependence on coal, oil and gas.

group outside Westminster Parliament
Columbans outside Westminster Parliament as part of the prayer and fasting vigil

Columbans supported the 24-hour prayer and fasting vigil outside the Westminster Parliament on 14th March. James Trewby, Columban Education Worker, Fr. Daniel O’Malley and Faith in Action Volunteer  Juliette Bone joined Columban Sister Kate Midgley for the vigil which is running 6th-20th March. It is organised by a new group called ‘Beyond Fossil Fuels Together’.

The group aims to pressure the UK government to end dependence on coal, oil and gas. It says: “Our Earth is in peril and millions are already suffering as a result of the climate crisis. As our world heats up, the UK government is pouring £10 billion a year into the fossil fuel industry. We need to move beyond our addiction to fossil fuels now with an immediate end to new oil exploration and licences, and to fossil fuel subsidies.”

Beyond Fossil Fuels Together is hoping to bring different groups and individuals together to vigil and fast alongside each other. It says: “Despite our philosophical, religious, political or ideological differences, we all live together on this ailing planet, and we all have children or care about young people who will suffer through the worst of the climate emergency. We may also have links with people in the Global South where communities are already suffering terribly as a result of the West’s excesses.”

The Columbans have divested from fossil fuels as part of its JPIC work on climate change.

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Fr. Dan and Juliette hold a Columban banner
Fr. Dan O'Malley and Juliette Bone take part in the vigil