Columban podcasts on biodiversity – Episode 2: ‘A New Kind of Economy’

Episode Two of the Columban Biodiversity Podcast series ‘Jubilee for the Earth,’ is on the theme, ‘A New Kind of Economy’.

Two members of the Columban international team for justice, peace, and ecology – lay Missionary John Din in the Philippines and Columban co-worker Becca Eastwood in the United States – discuss the urgent need to re-imagine how our economy operates and to redefine what human flourishing looks like.urishing looks like.

In 2019, the United Nations published their “Global Resource Outlook,” which concluded that “90% of biodiversity loss is caused by resource extraction and processing.” This includes human activities like habitat destruction for agriculture and mining and the over-consumption of natural resources like non-renewable energy and fishing stock. “We need to grow in the conviction” Pope Francis says, “that a decrease in the pace of production and consumption can at times give rise to another form of progress and development” (Laudato Si’ #191).

The podcasts have been produced to celebrate the 2020 Season of Creation.

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