Dare to Hope – Caring for our Common Home

Interfaith Week 2021 begins in Birmingham this week just as the COP26 meeting in Glasgow reaches its conclusion. The Columbans have supported and participated in 'Dare to Hope', a series of online conversations between people of different faiths organised by the Archdiocese of Birmingham. In October, a Sikh and a Muslim shared why they are committed to caring for our common home.

Zinnath Moti was born in Paris and moved to Birmingham over 20 years ago. She is mother to 3 children aged 15 to 21 – and a cat! She loves playing badminton and making and, of course, eating desserts. Her two passions in life are charity and the environment.
She is Muslim.

Amandeep Kaur Maan studied International Business. Her Sikh faith and love for nature’s beauty led her to a career in Environmental Management & Auditing. Currently on an extended career break, she is using her experience to create policies, strategies and behaviour change campaigns to support Eco-Sikh UK. She enjoys learning more about Ayurveda as well as indigenous cultures and ancient civilisations.

The Columbans, led by Mauricio Silva, Columban Interreligious Dialogue (IRD) Coordinator, are supporting Interfaith Week 2021 in Birmingham (14-21 November). Mauricio Silva, hosts one of the events on 16th November and all are invited to attend.

Interfaith Week 2021
We are the Same, We are Different
Tuesday 16th November, 6:30-8:00 pm

For three evenings in September 2021 a group of people from  diverse communities  gathered online  to  reflect  on the challenges and  opportunities  of  living  together with  ‘differences’.  This in-person session will bring together this group and others to  continue  that  reflection  and to plan  for  personal and  communal  action.

The event is organised by Columbans in Britain with the support among others of the Archdiocese of Birmingham Commission for Inter Religious Dialogue, The Faith Encounter, The Faith and Belief Forum and the Focolare movement.

Booking is essential. Contact Mauricio Silva at ird@columbans.co.uk