Columban podcasts on biodiversity- Bonus Episode: ‘The Death of Life’

Columbans have published a special bonus episode on the theme of biodiversity called 'The Death of Life'.

For this bonus episode of “Jubilee for the Earth,” we want to share with you select passages from The Death of Life: The Horror of Extinction by Columban priest and eco-theologian Fr. Sean McDonagh. Fr. McDonagh’s work on biodiversity has had a wide reach – most notably, being used to inform the biodiversity sections of Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si’.  Though it was written in 2004, much of Fr. Sean’s message is truer today than when it was first written.  The Death of Life: The Horror of Extinction is a passionate plea to take action before it is too late – to save the many thousands of species currently under threat of extinction, who give glory to God by their very existence.

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