Building Peaceful Futures: Columban Schools Media Competition is launched

The Columbans in Britain are proud to announce the launch of their latest School’s Media Competition which this year has the title: Building Peaceful Futures.

Columbans Schools Media Competition 2022/23 - Building Peaceful Futures

The competition is targeted at students aged between 13-18 years old who are invited to demonstrate an awareness and an understanding of conflict in the world today through the submission of either a written article or an original image. Students are being asked to do their own research and shine light on people, communities and/or organisations who are trying to make the world a better place for everyone by building peaceful futures.

“Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy.”

Hebrews 12:14

In his role as Columban Justice and Peace Education Worker, James Trewby visits young people in schools and sixth forms and runs interesting workshops, retreats and assemblies to promote justice, peace and the integrity of creation.

He explains “I’m delighted that the Columban School’s Media Competition this year focuses on the theme of peace. There’s lots of conflict in the world at the moment, but we mustn’t lose sight of the fact there’s also many initiatives designed to build bridges and promote peace too! The Columbans are keen to nurture the student voice and provide an opportunity for young people to explore these areas and determine their own thoughts on conflict and whether it’s inevitable. Besides this we want to ascertain young people’s understanding of peacebuilding, how and where it’s taking place and how faith can play a part in peace-making.”

Encouraging creativity and faith engagement with issues in the world today, this year’s competition welcomes both written and image entries until 10th February 2023, with winners being announced on 13th March 2023. Two separate competitions will be judged, one for students in Ireland and one for students in Britain. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winning entrants and the first prize is an impressive £300! High-profile judges from the world of journalism have been secured and winning entries will be published in the Columbans’ Far East magazine, Vocation For Justice newsletter and published in other Catholic media. Winning material will be published on Columban websites in Ireland and Britain, shared on Columban social media and in the past, have also be used in marketing materials such as Appeal Letters and have featured in the Columban calendar too.

A core aspect of Columban mission is justice, peace and the integrity of creation. Besides being members of Pax Christi International, the Catholic Church’s peace organisation Columbans also support the National Justice and Peace Network of England and Wales, Justice and Peace Scotland, Christian CND and Christian Climate Action.

Around the world Columban Missionaries support communities who are losing land to extractive industries and suffering militarisation, and are proud to collaborate with the London Mining Network. Fr. Pat Cunningham, who works in South Korea, is active with the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative and a campaign to protest the militarisation of the beautiful island of Jeju.

Having a passion for creation, Columbans also lobby to make peace with the planet and work to promote the integrity of creation. Fr. Kurt Zion Pala is a Filipino Columban priest working in Myanmar, a country ruled by a military dictatorship. He works with members of Catholic Student Action in Myitkyina Diocese, who travel into the countryside and work with communities on environmental issues and sharing personal reflections on care for creation.

Columbans are also proud to work with refugees and asylum seekers to build peaceful relationships in local communities. We’re pleased to have a presence on the US/Mexico border where immigration enforcement and extreme militarization sow fear and distrust and as a consequence, tensions and conflict are rife. St. Columban Mission for Justice, Peace, and Ecology, our colleagues in the US, envision a world where each person is empowered to help build a society that liberates the poor, welcomes all migrants, and cares for the earth.  They work to create this world by equipping people of faith with the skills they need in order to evaluate public policy, build bridges between communities, and advocate for the common good.

Students will find the Columban Competition website a useful resource. It includes lots of information on the theme, examples of Columbans dedicated to building peace throughout the world as well as Catholic Social Teaching on the theme of peace. There’s also detail on submission and a helpful FAQ page.

This is the sixth annual School’s Media Competition and past themes have focussed on migrants, climate change, racism and 21st century changemakers.

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