My vocational journey from Fiji

by Guest Contributor

Francesco Pio, a 28-year-old Columban Seminarian, writes about his journey from Fiji and his reasons to start a formation life with the Columbans.

Francesco Pio writes about his calling
Francesco Pio writes about his calling

My name is Francesco Pio and I am from the island of Fiji, located in the Oceania region. I am 28 years of age, and I was born in Fiji. It was a simple life where I grew up, and my family house was near the sea, where the breeze from the sea and the mountains blew. I loved planting and fishing growing up. It was when our second priest, Fr. Teakare, ordained Rabi, came to our parish that I saw how the Columbans were the best priest I had ever met. That is when I felt the call to be a Columban!

I believe I can feel the calling because no matter how many challenges I face in my life, God is always with me through all of them. I hope God will guide me along in this incredible journey of vocation life and bring me closer to my dreams.

My favourite subjects in my studies are the Old Testament and philosophy. I find this learning interesting as it helps me find the truth about myself and about things that are in my blind spot. Working my way through the first year of formation in the Philippines, I like to read articles or stories about the Church.

My formation life is so enjoyable and interesting as it is a big transition for me. I have come from a different culture, and now I live in a different culture. This makes a huge difference in the formation of my life, but it also helps me learn about other cultures too.

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