Celebrating International Youth Day: 12th August

Fr. Ed O'Connell, founder of the 'Warmi Huasi' project in San Benito, Peru, pays tribute to the youth in his community that help to support the various projects and outreach programmes designed to assist women and children in the local area.

In San Benito, through Warmi Huasi, I work with adolescents, who are finishing secondary school, preparing for third level studies or a few who are studying at Universities.

The all started as 6 or 7 year olds in the homework clubs and reading club in San Benito. Now they are leaders of the children´s committees that work with their community and the local municipality to improve the life of children in their township.

One of the adolescents Maria spoke out recently on the Day of Children´s Rights asking adults in the community and the local municipal authorities to respect the dignity and rights of children to have a decent life.

The youth here, mostly secondary school students, organising a play activity with youngsters in San Benito.  They call themselves the student action committee of the San Benito secondary school and last year presented a project to the local municipality for the building of a children´s centre in the township. This year, during covid19 they are helping our community organiser, Ms. Luz, to distribute reading books, with the necessary bio-security protocol and equipment,  to the children under lockdown at home so they can read and write up summaries of the books they read.

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