Truly grateful

by Guest Contributor

Fr. John Boles, Columban Director in Britain, thanks supporters for their generous response to our recent Christmas Appeal.

Thank you very much indeed for your recent, kind donation to the Columban Missionaries. By your support, you shine a light to guide ordained and lay missionaries as they respond to the baptismal call of God’s mission in Asia, Latin America, Oceania and in Britain.

We in the Church are very good at saying “Please”. We are not always as good at saying, “Thank you”. I hope that this will never be the case with the Columbans. Right from our foundation a century ago, we have been sustained by donations like yours, and our founding fathers were always adamant about the need to say “thanks”. They always pointed out how supporters at home and missionaries in the field were equal partners in the Columban enterprise.

The meeting between Jesus and his first disciples reflects this. You might recall how Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee when he sees and beckons Simon Peter and Andrew, who were “casting their nets in the lake, because they were fishermen”. Then he calls James and John, who were on the side “mending their nets” (Mk. 1:16-20). So, there are those who go abroad to CAST nets, but they can’t do that unless there are people back home making and MENDING the nets.

Those disciples are YOU…….and we are truly grateful.

In 2022, we are visiting parishes in the Archdiocese of Liverpool and the Diocese of Brentwood. It is our tradition to write to supporters in a parish a week before we visit so, if you live in these dioceses, you may receive a letter during the year from the Columban due to visit your parish. We look forward to meeting you and to saying ‘thank you’ in person for your wonderful support.

We have been hearing from you about how this Christmas will be different to last year. Whatever your circumstances, we ask God’s blessing upon you and we pray that the light shining from that humble stable in Bethlehem so long ago will bring comfort and joy to you and your family.

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