Full series of exclusive ICN reports from a Catholic in Wuhan, China

by Guest Contributor

Here is the full series of exclusive ICN reports from a Catholic living in Wuhan who prefers to remain anonymous. They give a first-hand account of the situation in the city at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak in China and explains how more recently life is beginning to get back to normal, with liturgical celebrations on Sundays now being permitted.

China 34: Christmas in Xiantao

China 33: Learning from Teilhard de Chardin

China 32: Simple blessings of Catholic community life

China 31: Catching up with people after lockdown ends

China 30: Baptism under Covid restrictions

China 29: Easter Vigil in Wuhan

China 28: Waiting for church doors to reopen

China 27: Faith in the countryside 

China 26: One year on from start of Covid-19

China 25: Walking in faith in Wuhan

China 24: Christmas Eve Mass in Xiantao

China 23: Advent as a time of waiting and hope

China 22: Recording the first Synod of Bishops in China

China 21: Returning to Mass in China

China 20: Reflection from Wuhan

China 19: Wuhan school remembers Catholic founders

China 18: The story of a faith journey

China 17: The need for genuine diplomacy

China 16:Resilience and experience of the senior generation

China 15: A long-term view in the context of Faith

China 14: ‘The sun will shine after the wind and rain have passed’

China 13: Extended Easter vigil as restrictions lift

China 12: Easter celebrations in homes

China 11: Signs of hope as the virus subsides

China 10: “We are all sisters and brothers”

China 9: Humility to discover God in a new way

China 8: Trust in God during ‘two months of storms

China 7: Cherry blossom reminds that life is fragile

China 6: Low-income families ‘eat bitterness’ through coronavirus emergency

China 5: China: Wuhan’s International Catholic Community 

China 4: Housebound friends support each other by phone

China 3: Praying and waiting for the tide to turn

China 2: Knowing victims of Coronavirus infection

China 1: A New Year like no other in Wuhan