Earth Day prayer

Today, 22nd April is Earth Day, an annual event which highlights environmental issues across the planet and demonstrates support for environmental protection. Columbans work hard to raise awareness of ‘the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor’, and are called to play a critical role in responding to the climate crisis. Let us pray for our world of beauty and plenty.

For our world of beauty and plenty

Creator God
For our world of beauty and plenty, we praise you-
For the earth, the seas, the plants, the animals and all the wonders of the universe.
We stand before you in awe and wonder in all that you have created.
Thank you for your generosity, a world for all to share.
Create in us a desire to come together as One World for Now is the Time to Act.

Redeemer God

Have mercy on us for our over consumption of the world’s resources,
For our lack of responsibility in devastating the habitats of your creatures,
For our thoughtlessness in filling the world with our rubbish,
For the pursuit of economic growth which leaves our brothers and sisters in poverty.
Forgive us our selfishness, that has led to this climate crisis, and bring us together as One World for Now is the Time to Act.

Sustainer God

Be generous in your gifts of wisdom, understanding and courage to help us see:
the interconnectedness of climate, nature and our lifestyles,
our responsibility to secure a future for our children, and the urgency to act now.
Inspire us to change personally, in our local communities, as nations and at a global level for we are One World, climate changes everything, and Now is the Time to Act.


Maureen Thompson