Prayers to stay safe – Bless those protecting us

by Guest Contributor

Columban Fr. Pat Sayles is the founder of The Prayer Trust. His latest prayer booklet consists of prayers to keep us safe, which can be prayed during the current pandemic and as we enter another national lockdown.

Bless those protecting us

As we think of the doctors and nurses
who risk their lives to tend to patients
with corona viruses
or other infectious diseases
we give them our wholehearted thanks
for their unselfish generosity of spirit.

Lord, we ask you to bless them all
for showing such dedication
in their long hours on duty.

And we ask you, Lord, for all those
doctors, nurses, carers and helpers
who've given their lives to save others,
bless them and keep them safe
in your eternal kingdom.


Fr. Pat Sayles from The Prayer Trust

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