A prayer of praise

by Guest Contributor

Sea Sunday is a time for us to pray for all the brave men and women who work at sea. Below is a prayer, taken from Family Friendly Churches Trust.

A prayer of praise

Almighty God, Creator;
All things, from the greatest to the smallest
Owe their origin to You.
As we look at the sea in all its moods,
And think of the life that it contains
We are reminded of how wonderful You are.

We consider the mighty waves,
And we remember Your power;
We think of the countless creatures
Who make their homes in or on or beneath the waves,
And we wonder at Your generosity;
We think of rock pools, filled with life,
And we marvel at Your attention to detail.

We think of the ocean depths,
And we realise that there is no end to
Your knowledge and understanding.
Yet even the sea, in all its variety and richness
Only gives us a glimpse of how marvellous
You are In every possible way.

Gracious God, for all that You are,
And for all that You will be,
We praise Your Holy Name.


Family Friendly Churches Trust