A prayer for the upcoming election

by Guest Contributor

The United Kingdom is preparing for a general election. As Christians, we must play our part in encouraging candidates to be disturbed by injustice and ready to respond lovingly for the common good.

A Prayer for Elections

Eternal God, Lord of creation,
as we look towards the upcoming elections
we ask that your Spirit of Truth be upon us.

Let us, your people, be guided by Gospel values
Of love of neighbour, truth, justice
and compassion towards all,
particularly the ´least´ of our sisters and brothers.

Help us to choose political parties and candidates willing
to place the needs of the many before the profits of the few,
to put the wellbeing of the majority above the wellbeing of the markets,
and the conserving of our common home ahead
of the cosseting of corporations that harm creation.


Fr. Kevin McDonagh SSC

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