A Novena in Honour of St Columban: Journeying Towards His Feast

by Guest Contributor

As the novena draws to a close, we reflect on the transformative journey of the past nine days, embracing the spiritual growth and revelations that have unfolded.

Novena in preparation for Feast of Saint Columban
Novena in preparation for Feast of Saint Columban

From the 14th to the 22nd of November, we embark on a spiritual pilgrimage, dedicating each day to reflection, prayer, and the exploration of the virtues that defined the life of this remarkable saint.

Day 1: Humility
Our journey begins with humility, a virtue that shaped St Columban’s character. Let us reflect on our humility and seek guidance in imitating his profound sense of selflessness and service.

Day 2: Hospitality
St Columban’s welcoming spirit and generosity are celebrated on this day. As we pray, let us open our hearts to others, practising hospitality and fostering unity in our communities.

Day 3: Zeal for God
On the third day, we delve into St Columban’s fervent zeal for God. May we find inspiration to deepen our faith, cultivating a passionate and unwavering connection with the divine.

Day 4: Love for Learning
St Columban was not only a man of faith but also a scholar. Today, let us embrace the love for learning, dedicating ourselves to intellectual growth and a deeper understanding of our spiritual journey.

Day 5: Pilgrimage of Prayer
St Columban’s life was a continuous pilgrimage of prayer. As we pray on this day, let us embark on our spiritual journey, seeking solace and guidance through the power of prayer.

Day 6: Devotion to Mary
On the sixth day, we honour St Columban’s devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Through prayer and reflection, let us draw closer to the Mother of God, finding inspiration in her grace and strength.

Day 7: Asceticism
St Columban embraced a life of asceticism, finding strength in simplicity. Today, let us reflect on our material attachments, embracing a simpler, more mindful way of living.

Day 8: Advocacy for Justice
The eighth day is dedicated to St Columban’s advocacy for justice. Let us examine our commitment to social justice, pledging to make a positive impact in the lives of those less fortunate.

Day 9: Legacy of Saint Columban
As we approach the Feast of St Columban, let us reflect on his enduring legacy. May we carry the lessons learned during this Novena into our daily lives, embodying the virtues that defined this extraordinary saint.

As the Novena concludes, let the spirit of St Columban guide us forward, shaping our actions and aspirations. On the Feast day, let us come together in celebration, grateful for the inspiration and wisdom gained during these nine days of reflection and prayer.