Our Subanen Christmas cards are still on sale!

We're pleased to inform supporters that the Christmas cards created by the indigenous Subanen community in the Philippines, long renowned for their crafting traditions, are once again available to buy. By purchasing these cards you are showing your support of the Subanen people, who face eviction from their homes by logging and mining companies.

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Columban Fr. Vincent Busch has worked with the Subanen community for more than 20 years and has assisted them in the development of their practical crafting traditions. An article in which he explains a little more about how the Subanen culture is interconnected with their habitat, as well how this ministry has evolved over the years will be published in the September/October 2022 issue of our Far East magazine, along with descriptions of each of the five card designs.

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Subanen Christmas cards are sold in packs of ten with envelopes. Each pack costs £10 plus postage and packing. Orders require 7-10 working days to be processed.

Click the ‘Buy now’ button to place an order. Alternatively, contact the Mission Office on 01564 772 096, email: office@columbans.co.uk, or write to: Subanen Christmas Cards, Columban Missionaries, Widney Manor Road, Solihull B93 9AB. Cheques payable to Columban Missionaries.

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'Meet a Columban' - Fr. Vincent Busch

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