Columban Competition 2020 Tackling our Throwaway Culture – Second Prize Video

by Guest Contributor
[caption id="attachment_3013" align="alignnone" width="963"]Columban Competition 2020 ‘Tackling our Throwaway Culture’ – Second Prize Video Second place video winner of the Tackling our Throwaway Culture’ Columban competition 2020.[/caption] The second prize winning video in the recent Columban Young Journalists Competition for Britain was produced by Evie McCann from St. Bede’s Catholic School in Lytham St Anne’s. She produced “an exceptional contribution”, according to judges. The video opens with beautiful images of a turtle and dolphin swimming in the ocean, contrasted with plastic pollution in waterways. She quotes from Pope Francis: “As stewards of God’s creation, we are called to make the Earth a beautiful garden for the human family.” The Columbans invited students to produce a short video on the topic of ‘Tackling our Throwaway Culture’, which was  relevant to Catholic Social Teaching and Columban mission in 16 countries around the world. Around 100 young people entered between Britain and Ireland, and in England more than 20 schools were involved. The video can be accessed here. All of our winning videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel.