by Guest Contributor


(The Body & Blood of the Lord)

PRIEST: Gathered at the Lord’s Table we open our hearts in trust and hope.

READER: Let us pray for the Church; for Pope Francis, for all the Bishops and for Christian communities in every nation of the world. We pray that, through the celebration of the Mass, the Church may be a visible sign of unity and hope in the way we support and encourage one another. Lord hear us. Response: Lord graciously hear us.

We Pray that the covenant God has made with us through the body and blood of Christ his Son, may truly become the foundation of our loving communities and communion. Lord Hear us. Lord graciously hear us

As the wheat is gathered from the fields to become bread, and grapes from many vines are gathered to become wine; so may we be gathered together, from many lands and backgrounds, to become Christ’s Body in this Eucharist. Lord hear us. Response: Lord graciously hear us.

As we have received from those who have gone before us, we pray that we will hand on to our children, and to the children of this parish, a love of the Mass and faithfulness to our worship together. Lord hear us. Response: Lord graciously hear us.

We pray for all those who feel their life is a “vast and dreadful wilderness” – for the victims of violence and war, for those in poverty and for those weighed down by troubles and anxieties. We pray that we may reach out to others in their wilderness with hope and care, just as our ancestors were fed with manna in the wilderness. Lord hear us. Response: Lord graciously hear us.

Let us pray for all from this parish who are sick and those who are in hospital. May they be strengthened in their journey by sharing in the Eucharist and encouraged by our prayers and support. Lord hear us. Response: Lord graciously hear us.

let us ask Mary the Mother of the Lord to pray with us as we say: Hail Mary…

Now let us pray for a few moments in silence for our own needs and intentions.

PRIEST: Almighty and ever-living God you know our deepest needs and anxieties. As we share in this Eucharist together open our hearts to understand your plan for us and strengthen us to do your will. We ask this through Christ our Lord. AMEN