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Vocation for Justice is a 12-page magazine sent out three times a year to around 8,000 readers and there is a voluntary subscription requested annually in February. 

The Columban editorial team comprises Fr. Peter Hughes (JPIC Co-ordinator), Ellen Teague (Media), James Trewby (Education) and David Madden (Administrator).

In May 2011 a celebration was held in London to mark 25 years of the newsletter, founded in 1986 by Columbans Ed O’Connell and Mike Kelly. At the event Pax Christi’s vice-president Bruce Kent thanked the newsletter for “25 years of scattering the seeds of peace, justice and environmental responsibility”. Heads of many Catholic caring agencies and groups – such as CAFOD, Progressio, Catholic Association for Racial Justice, Housing Justice, and the National Justice and Peace Network – marked the occasion. A special commemorative issue was produced with 42 articles written by Columbans and their Justice and Peace partners in the UK. It acknowledges “the contribution of so many people who commit their time and energy, very often without much acknowledgement or appreciation, to the mission of justice and peace” according to Fr Peter Hughes.

The magazine covers such issues as Environmental Justice, Patenting Life, Migrants, Mining, Debt, Nuclear Weapons and UK Poverty. Contextual theology is always central. Over the years Vocation for Justice has promoted many campaigns, including Jubilee 2000, Stop Destructive Mining in the Philippines, Make Poverty History and Stop Climate Chaos. At their 1994 General Assembly the Columbans said that, “in looking at the world and the missionary challenges it presents, we do so from the evangelical standpoint of solidarity with the poor and the exploited Earth.” Justice and Peace is a vital element of mission work in all the countries where Columbans are based.




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