Partners & Networks

Partnership is our way of being on mission.

Here is a list of some of our mission and media partners and networks with whom and through whom we strive for justice, peace and the integrity of creation as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ.

Columban Missionaries Worldwide

Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network

A network of Religious and lay people, many of whom have lived and worked in Africa. They monitor political and corporate policies as they relate to Justice in Africa and encourage members and churches to challenge unacceptable practices and propose alternatives that respect the dignity of every human being.


The official Catholic aid agency for England and Wales and home to the Live Simply Award for commuities.

Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN)

An umbrella organisation of charities with a Catholic ethos, providing professional social care within the UK. Our members provide services to marginalised and vulnerable children, adults and families of all faiths and none.

Catholic Association for Racial Justice (CARJ)

A charity working with black and minority ethnic Catholics in Britain.

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Scotland

Catholic Missionary Union

Promotes awareness in the Catholic Church of England and Wales and in society at large, of the Church’s role and activity in mission worldwide and how this experience can inform and support the local Church in its efforts to become more missionary.

Catholic Social Teaching website

A UK-based website resource on Catholic Social Teaching.

Center of Concern (United States)

Set up in 1971 after the Rome Synod of Bishops framed ‘Justice in the World’, the statement which set the justice and peace agenda for the Catholic Church. It is an international center to study issues relating to development, justice, and peace from a Christian perspective.

Christian CND

Christian CND is a specialist section of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.Christian CND provides a focus for Christians who want to witness on the basis of their faith against nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, while also positively campaigning for peace.

Christian Ecology Link

Offers insights into ecology and the environment to Christian people and churches, plus resources and events.

Church Action on Poverty

Works with churches in the UK to make poverty a priority. Includes campaigns, news and resources.

Conference of Religious

The Conference of Religious seeks to be a dynamic and proactive presence of Church, particularly with those on the margins of society. It aims to unite its membership in collaborative initiatives translating gospel vision into reality, and to offer support to those in positions of leadership.

Criminal Justice Forum

A network of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. Its purpose is to uphold Christian values in the field of criminal justice, to promote awareness of criminal justice issues in the churches and to make representations to Government on behalf of the churches. It advocates the use of restorative justice, supports Christians working in the criminal justice system, and promotes community projects to reduce offending.

Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility

The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) is a church-based investor coalition which does advocacy and awareness raising on issues of business, human rights and environmental stewardship.


Ekklesia is an independent, not-for-profit Christian thinktank and website which examines the role of religion in public life and advocates transformative ideas and solutions rooted in theological thinking and dialogue with others. Daily e-mail news service offered.


News service of the Pontifical Mission Societies.

Housing Justice

The Christian Homelessness Charity campaigning for a society in which everyone has a home that truly meets their needs.

Independent Catholic News

Provides speedy and accurate news coverage of all subjects of interest to Catholics and the wider Christian community. Has a Saint of the Day, Sunday Reflection, Listings Section, Classified Ads, Archives and Links pages. Daily e-mail news service offered.

Jesuit Refugee Service

The UK branch of the international Jesuit Refugee Service.

Justice and Peace Scotland


UK-based organisation working for justice for migrant works.

Missionary News Service

An international missionary news service.


Missio is the Catholic Church’s official support organisation for overseas mission and is part of Pontifical Mission Societies worldwide.

Movement for the Abolition of War

Builds a culture of peace that war is not inevitable and educates to promote alternatives to war. –

National Board of Catholic Women

It is a forum in which Catholic Women in England and Wales ( members of Catholic organisations and other women representatives of diocesan structures) exchange experience, express their hopes and concerns and make recommendations on the life and mission of the Church.

National Council for Lay Associations

The National Council for Lay Associations (NCLA) is a consultative body to the Bishops Conference of England and Wales. It aims to respond to requests from the Bishops Conference and to bring matters of concern to the laity to their attention. It also acts as a forum for discussion and networking among lay organisations.

National Justice and Peace Network of England and Wales

Operation Noah

A Christian organisation which provides focus and leadership in response to the growing threat of catastrophic climate change endangering all of God’s creation.

Partnership for Global Justice

Partnership for Global Justice is a network of religious congregations, other groups and individuals grounded in Gospel values. It aims to stand in solidarity with those who are oppressed, foster justice for earth, and reverence the diversity of world cultures.

Pax Christi UK

UK branch of the International Catholic Movement for Peace.

Philippine Indigenous People’s Links

PIPLinks, which is UK-based, was founded in 1992 in response to requests for support from Philippine Indigenous Peoples’ organisations. The impact of mining on the Philippines is one of its specialist areas.

Prayer Trust (The)

The Prayer Trust was started in 2000 under the leadership of Father Pat Sayles SSC. Having spent years in Peru as a Columban Father, Fr Pat is aware of the uplifting power of prayer across the world. Now based at The Columban Centre House, Solihull. Fr Pat is still driven to spreading prayer. Taking advantage of modern 1st world benefits such as computers and printing presses Fr Pat, through The Prayer Trust, is able to continue the work of bringing people closer to God through prayer.


The official overseas development fund of the Scottish Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

UCA News

An independent Catholic news service for Asia.

Volunteer Missionary Movement (VMM)

An international lay Christian movement whose members share their lives, faith and resources with communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Young Christian Workers 

Young adults meet together regularly with a Chaplain or an Adult Companion to review their lives. Using the famous method of See, Judge, Act, they really get to grips with the real situations they are facing, reflect on them in light of gospel values and commit themselves to take action.