Columbans attend NJPN virtual conference

Members of the Columban Missionaries in Britain joined nearly 300 participants for the virtual NJPN conference on 18th July 2020.

The conference aimed to look at social issues during the pandemic and the imperatives of Catholic Social Teaching to imagine a more just and sustainable future.

Liturgies were led by Anna and Eleanor Marshall, who assist with liturgies at NJPN conferences, and by Marty Haugen, a liturgical composer and pastoral musician based in the United States who was approached by Ellen Teague and asked to get involved. He composed a special chant for the occasion, dedicated to NJPN and inspired by Laudato Si’, called, ‘For Our Common Home’.

Both the opening and closing prayers can be found in the link below, as can the sheet music for the special chant ‘ForOur Common Home’ written by Marty.


NJPN Opening Prayer

NJPN Closing Prayer

 Sheet Music – ‘For Our Common Home‘ written by Marty Haugen