Fr. Denis Carter SSC

Fr. Denis CroppedDenis Carter was  born in Austria of an English father and Austrian mother.  He grew up in the Lancashire town of Rochdale and on leaving secondary school at the age 15 became an apprentice Panel Beater. At 21 he started his own Auto repair garage and worked at that trade for 5 years before joining the Columbans in 1974. He was ordained at Christmas in 1981.

Denis was appointed to Pakistan and arrived there early in 1982. After language studies his work was mostly in the southern province of Sindh among the tribal people. His first parish was that of St. Joseph’s based in the town of Matli. He was then moved to the parish of St. Thomas based in Badin. As well as the usual parish work he was often called upon to give retreats to various religious communities in Pakistan.

In 1991 he took a sabbatical and studied Spirituality and Spiritual Direction at Fordham University and graduated with a Masters degree. Returning to Pakistan during very troubled times he supervised the Language school in the Mountain town of Murree during 1995 and in the winter returned to the parish of Matli. The Parish was now deeply involved in the rehabilitation of freed Bonded workers and their families.

In September 1998 the Christian village of Mariamabad, on Parish property was attacked in an attempt to enslave the people. Denis was badly wounded and was hospitalised for some time but returned to the parish to continue working as before.

In the summer of 2002 he was appointed to the British Region to work on promotion/ Mission Awareness. In 2004 he was elected Director of the Columbans in Britain. Serving two terms as Director he stepped down in 2010 and is now back on the road working on Promotion/ Mission appeals and maintains the Columban web site. Denis is also now in his second three year term as Vice-Director of the British Region

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